#this is it this is american television

that all happened in under 2 minutes

this is honestly a spiritual experience

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  • les autres filles : font le sexe avant le mariage, sont homophones, écoutent le diable au lieu de Dieu, ne croient pas en la Bible, succombent à leurs envies et vont aller en enfer
  • moi : âme de 200 ans, Q.I. de 180, future vétérinaire, déteste les humains et surtout les hommes, aussi intelligente que Sheldon Couper, a lu la Bible et les essais d’Heinstein, Marie-Mai et Billy Talent forever, lesbienne (c’est beau un vagin), go Jésus go
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A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

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"Absolutely. Young artists have no sense of history. Something else is happening right now with younger artists and their sense of history. It’s as if what preceded them is of no value or never really happened. I’m always amazed when I talk to women artists in college who have no interest in feminist art. There seems to be this frightening, alarming return to the modernist notion of the self-contained, genius originator. Young artists in particular don’t want to acknowledge antecedents. I’m not really interested in recuperating history and I’m certainly not interested in romantic nostalgia for the past, but I’m very aware of the history of art that preceded me. Every artist works through history. I mean, painters are always painting against the history of painting."
—Clifford Owens (via blackcontemporaryart)


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my politics is


  1. protect ur friends
  2. be gentle as much as possible
  3. put ur foot down whenever necesscary
  4. contribute something to the conversation
  5. anger is a valid response to injustice
  6. anger is also a tool, learn how to use it
  7. do not be afraid to admit that u are or were wrong
  8. diversity of tactics is key
  9. not having ur existence politicized is a privilege
  10. don’t write a folk punk song about it
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me like ‘haha yeah i can DEFINITELY write a five page paper in two hours!! time is a construct, deadlines have no meaning and also i’m dead inside’

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@staff remove this


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Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant palling around in London, 1958

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